Deque Privacy Policy

Last revised on October 6, 2020

本隐私声明以博亿堂手机客户端隐私实践的一般声明开始,然后为加州居民和欧洲经济区的数据主体提供具体信息. If you are a resident of California or in the European Economic Area, please refer to that information in addition to the general statement.

当您或您的代表或代理向博亿堂手机客户端提供个人信息, or about, you, 您同意(及/或您的代理人代表您同意)该藏品, storage, processing, 与本隐私声明中所提供的有关您的信息的共享和其他活动. 本隐私声明不适用于与Deque员工有关的人力资源信息, which is covered by Deque’s internal privacy policies.

When this Privacy Statement refers to “Deque,” “we, “us,” “our,” or similar terms, it means Deque Systems, Inc., a Virginia corporation, and its affiliates Deque Systems Europe B.V. (荷兰私人公司)和Deque Software PVT LTD(印度私人有限公司).

When this Privacy Statement refers to “you” or uses similar words, 指本隐私声明中所讨论的个人信息的主题.

其他隐私声明也可能适用于您注册的特定服务, or to Deque apps and/or resources that you use. Those privacy statements should be read together with this one. Other third-party services or applications that are used in connection with Deque’s services might also have their own privacy statements. 这些声明有单独的条款,应独立于本隐私声明阅读.

What information does Deque collect?

  • Identity Data, such as first name, last name, and/or similar identifier.
  • Business Contact Data,例如公司通讯地址、电邮地址及电话号码.
  • Transaction Data, such as details about payments to and from your company and other details of products and services you have purchased from us.
  • Technical Data, such as internet protocol (IP) address, your login data, browser type and version, time zone setting and location, browser plug-in types and versions, 您用于访问本网站的设备上的操作系统、平台和其他技术.
  • Profile Data, such as your purchases or orders made by you, your interests, preferences, feedback and survey responses.
  • Usage Data,例如有关您如何使用博亿堂手机客户端的网站、产品和服务的信息.
  • Marketing and Communications Data, 例如您在接受博亿堂手机客户端和第三方市场营销方面的偏好,以及您的沟通偏好.

如果您向Deque提供了第三方的个人信息(例如,当您注册了一个同事来接收来自Deque或关于Deque的信息时,或者当您提供了一个人的信息,如员工,以使该人获得证书或接受服务时), 您向Deque声明并保证,您拥有向Deque提供该信息的所有必要权限,并授予Deque使用本隐私声明所允许的该信息所必需的所有权利.

How does Deque collect personal information?

当您向Deque提供信息时,Deque会直接从您那里收集一些信息, whether through Deque’s website(s) or Deque applications, at conferences or marketing events, 以及当贵方从Deque或其联属公司或供应商处获取货物和/或服务时.

If you use Deque’s goods, services, or software as an employee or contractor for another person, Deque经常会从你的雇主或客户那里收到你的个人信息, 比如你使用Deque产品所必需的认证和用户访问信息, services, and/or software.

Deque collects information from other sources, as well, such as directories, membership lists, conference attendee information, people who acquire Deque services for you or for your benefit, and third-party information providers.

How does Deque use the information that it collects?

Providing, Improving and Developing Our Services

  • 审查和分析用户浏览器和无线设备技术信息;
  • Reviewing user activity (for example, Deque analyzes trends, 用户流量和使用信息来确定系统的性能, content, research reports, or events);
  • Processing or recording payment transactions;
  • 否则,为您提供您选择使用的Deque产品和功能;
  • Displaying your historical transaction information;
  • 提供、维护和改进博亿堂手机客户端的商品、服务和/或软件;
  • Developing new goods, services, and/or software;
  • Delivering the information and support that you request;
  • Improving, personalizing, and facilitating your use of our goods, services, and/or software; and
  • Measuring, tracking and analyzing trends and usage or performance of our goods, software, and/or software.

Communicating With You About Our Services

  • Responding to questions or concerns;
  • Sending you information that we think you might find useful or that you have requested from us; and
  • Conducting surveys and collecting feedback..

Protecting Our Services and Maintaining a Trusted Environment

  • 执行博亿堂手机客户端的服务条款或其他适用的协议或政策;
  • Verifying your identity;
  • Complying with any applicable laws or regulations, 或回应政府的合法要求或通过法律程序获取信息;
  • 履行向贵方披露的与我方货物有关的任何其他目的, services, and/or software;
  • Analyze trends and user traffic, track purchases and usage information; and
  • Contacting you to resolve disputes and provide assistance.

Advertising and Marketing

  • Marketing of our goods, services, software, events, and/or research; and
  • Communicating with you about opportunities, products, services, promotions, discounts, incentives, surveys and rewards offered by us and select other parties; If we send you marketing emails, each email will contain instructions permitting you to “opt-out” or unsubscribe of receiving future marketing or other communications.

如果Deque对该信息进行匿名化或标识(将其与其他信息相结合), redacts it, 或者让它不再合理地识别你), Deque can use the information for any purpose.

How does Deque treat information of persons under the age of 18?

It is Deque’s policy to refrain from knowingly collecting or maintaining personally identifiable information relating to any person under the age of 18. 如果您未满18岁,请不要向Deque提供任何个人信息. 如果您的年龄在18岁以下,并且已经向Deque提供了个人信息, please have your parent or guardian contact Deque immediately using the information below so that Deque can remove such information from its files. 如果您是18岁以下人士的父母或监护人,并且您有理由相信该人士的个人信息已被Deque收集, please contact Deque immediately.

How does Deque use online tracking methods?

Deque在其网站和/或其他资源上使用cookies和其他方法提供您可能感兴趣的内容,并对Deque在其网站和/或其他资源上向您提供的内容进行个性化设置. Deque may also serve, provide, 或指定内容的广告或其他演示在第三方网站, including on third-party websites or as part of third-party services. 有些cookie或类似的设备仅在特定会话期间存在, and some are persistent over multiple sessions over time.

这些方法可以让你维护你的帐户登录信息和其他访问之间的信息, and they allow Deque to measure and record activity.

Deque may use advertising service providers to serve Deque advertisements on other websites or resources that you visit or use. In serving Deque advertisements, these companies may use cookies and other tracking devices to collect information about your visits to other websites and resources, like browser type, IP address, which page or content was visited, and time of day. Deque uses this information to evaluate advertising, customize user experience, 把营销和其他沟通的重点放在你和喜欢你的用户身上.

您使用其网站或其他资源的第三方也可能使用cookie或其他跟踪方法. This Privacy Statement does not apply to third parties’ practices. You should obtain and read the privacy statements of those third parties to understand their practices with respect to cookies and other tracking devices.

You can set your web browser to reject cookies. Each browser is different, 所以你应该检查你的浏览器的“帮助”菜单来学习如何改变你的cookie首选项. 如果您拒绝或阻止cookie, Deque的网站可能无法正常运行.

Many web browsers have a “do not track” setting. That said, 当用户在他或她的浏览器中选择“不跟踪”时,没有被广泛接受的标准(通过万维网联盟或其他机构)来管理该发生什么. 当行业就如何处理“不跟踪”设置达成共识时, Deque will determine whether to follow that consensus approach. In the meantime, 在浏览器中启用“不跟踪”不会改变与计算机交换的信息, or how that information is used.

您可能可以选择第三方cookie和/或跟踪设备. You can obtain more information about those choices at or

With whom, and how, does Deque share your information?

  1. Anonymized information. If Deque anonymizes or deidentifies information (i.e., combines it with other information, redacts it, 或者让它不再合理地识别你), Deque may share that information with anyone for any purpose.
  2. Outsourcing providers. Deque可以将您的信息提供给外包供应商来处理和运输订单, provide technical support, provide training, 或执行其他职能,以支持Deque的业务行为.
  3. Successors. If Deque sells or otherwise transfers (or investigates the potential sale or other transfer of) all or a part of its business, Deque may transfer to, or share with, the actual or potential buyer or other transferee, 与潜在或实际转移业务相关的个人信息. Such transfer would be for the purpose of facilitating due diligence and/or allowing the buyer or other transferee to operate the business.
  4. General use. Deque may share your information with others for joint marketing initiatives or to permit third parties to market goods or services to you.
  5. To comply with legal requirements. Deque may share your information if required by law enforcement, government agencies, courts, 或其他Deque认为其对信息请求的合作是法律所要求的.
  6. International transfer. Deque may transfer your information to, and store and process your information in, 您居住和/或工作所在地以外的司法管辖区. Such other jurisdictions might have laws that treat your privacy differently from the jurisdiction in which you live and/or work. You consent to any such transfer, storage, and/or processing.
  7. Analytics and Data Enrichment Services. 博亿堂手机客户端使用第三方分析,如谷歌分析,以帮助博亿堂手机客户端了解您对博亿堂手机客户端服务的使用情况.


Deque operates primarily in the United States, the Netherlands, 和印度,预计个人信息将主要被收集, stored, used, processed, and shared in and from those jurisdictions. The protections of personal information under the law in those jurisdictions might be different from the protections under the law of your jurisdiction. You consent to the collection, processing, use, sharing, and storage in, and transfer to, from, and among, 这些司法管辖区和Deque开展业务合理必要的其他司法管辖区.

What about links and other information provided by others?

One or more Deque websites or other resources might contain links to other websites or other resources that are not operated by Deque. Deque does not operate those websites or resources, and Deque cannot control the information that the operators of such websites gather or what the operators of such websites do with the information. Deque不对此类其他网站或资源的运营者的活动负责.

How does Deque secure and safeguard my information?

Deque uses, and requires that its service providers use, commercially reasonable physical, technical, and other safeguards designed to prevent unauthorized access to, use of, 或变更, your information.

Does Deque supplement the information that I provide?

Deque sometimes supplements the information that it receives from you with other information that Deque receives from third-party sources, such as credit card issuers, directories, and/or information clearinghouses.

How May Deque notify me in the case of a data breach?

为任何适用法律的目的,通知的个人信息是, or is reasonably believed to have been, acquired by an unauthorized person, Deque的信息安全政策规定,任何必要的通知可以, where permitted by law, be made by the use of e-mail, telephone, fax, mail (including, but not limited to, a notice printed in an available area of a bill or statement) or posting a notice on a Deque website or other electronic resource. The specific means used is up to Deque, Deque将根据情况做出商业上合理的判断. 在哪里任何通知将被发送到一个特定的地址或数字(如电子邮件地址, physical address, telephone number, etc.), Deque will use the latest available address in its records. 除法律禁止的范围外,您同意此通知方式.


If your personal information changes, 如果你有理由相信你的个人信息如Deque所维护的是不正确的, or if you no longer desire service, you may contact Deque using the contact information below and Deque will accommodate all reasonable requests for such changes.

请注意,加州居民可能有额外的或不同的权利. 请参阅本隐私声明的部分以确定这些权利是否适用于您.

How does Deque handle choice and opt-out?

Users who no longer wish to receive newsletters, digital notifications, 或促销材料,或将其信息提供给第三方,可选择不接收此类通信,或通过使用以下信息联系Deque共享信息. 请准备好告诉博亿堂手机客户端您希望退出的具体Deque产品或服务. 在商业上可行的情况下,Deque将尽快满足这些要求. 此类合规可能涉及批处理和其他需要30天或更长时间的流程. 如果您选择不接收此类通信,或允许Deque共享您的信息,然后通过网站或在其他允许博亿堂手机客户端使用您的信息的情况下再次将您的个人信息提供给Deque, Deque will regard your opt-out as rescinded.

Note that opting out will not have any effect on information that Deque has shared with third parties as permitted by this Privacy Statement.

改变您对信息处理方式的偏好, contact us using the contact information below.

请注意,加州居民可能有额外的或不同的权利. 请参阅本隐私声明的部分以确定这些权利是否适用于您.

What if I opt out and then do things that opt me back in?

If, after opting out, 你的某些行为会让博亿堂手机客户端再次使用你的个人信息, Deque will regard you as having opted back in. Examples include, but aren’t limited to, 让Deque的一个员工(口头或其他方式)给你发送信息, signing up for an event, or similar communications or transactions. As always, Deque will abide by the provisions of this Privacy Statement with respect to your personal information that you provide to Deque.

How quickly does Deque respond to requests?

Deque将使用商业上合理的努力及时做出您要求的任何更改. Many such changes are accomplished using batch processing (i.e. 收集大量类似的更改请求,并一次性完成所有此类更改), so the changes might not be immediately effective. If you require an immediate change to your personally identifiable information and are unable to make such a change using the available site resources, please contact us.

请注意,加州居民和欧洲经济区的居民可能有额外的或不同的权利. 请参阅本隐私声明的部分以确定这些权利是否适用于您.

How does Deque handle changes to this Privacy Statement?

If Deque decides to change this privacy policy, 如果您对Deque网站和/或资源的隐私条款给予了合理的关注,Deque将在一个或多个网站和/或其他Deque有理由认为会通知您的地方发布这些更改.

Except as stated below, Deque will use information in accordance with the privacy statement, or version of the privacy statement, under which the information was collected.

If Deque decides to use information about you in a manner different from that stated in the privacy statement in effect at the time of collection, Deque will notify you by e-mail if, and to the extent that, you have provided your e-mail address. If you reply to such an e-mail within a reasonable time and request that Deque not use your personally identifiable information in the proposed new manner, Deque will honor your request, but Deque reserves the right to suspend your access to all or part of the services offered through one or more sites if you do so.

If you do not reply to such an e-mail, 或Deque收到“无法交付”或类似的回复,从你最后已知的电子邮件地址, in either case after a reasonable time, Deque will use the information in the proposed new manner.



尽管本隐私声明中有其他与之相反的内容, 如果法律要求Deque收集个人信息,或者Deque在协助执法活动或保护Deque站点的过程中认为是可取的,Deque可以以上述方式以外的方式收集和使用此类信息, resources, or property. Without limiting the foregoing, 如果Deque认为在涉及您使用Deque货物的任何诉讼的起诉或辩护中是可取的,Deque保留使用和披露您向博亿堂手机客户端提供的任何信息的权利, services, or software.

Special Information for California Residents

The California Consumer Privacy Act (the “CCPA”) provides specific rights to consumers who reside in California regarding their personal information. 请注意,Deque不出售来自加州消费者的个人信息. The following provisions apply to California consumers. 以下规定与上述一般规定有不同之处, the following provisions prevail.

Right to Know

You have the right to send us a request, not more than twice in a 12-month period, for any of the following information.

  • The categories of personal information we collect about you;
  • 博亿堂手机客户端收集的有关您的个人信息的来源类别;
  • 博亿堂手机客户端收集该等个人信息的商业或商业目的;
  • 与博亿堂手机客户端共享个人信息的第三方的类别, and categories of personal information that each recipient received; and
  • The specific personal information that we collect about you.

Right to Deletion

You have the right to request that we delete any of your personal information that it has collected from you and retained, subject to certain exceptions.

For example, we may deny your deletion request if retaining the information is necessary for us to complete the transaction or service that you requested, detect security incidents, 或者使内部使用符合您的期望.

How to Exercise your California Privacy Rights

Mechanisms to submit Requests to Know and to Delete:

To exercise the right to know and the right to delete, please submit a verifiable consumer request to us by either:

请详细描述您的要求,以使博亿堂手机客户端能够适当地理解, evaluate, 和应对它.


Once the initial identification and verification process is complete, 博亿堂手机客户端会在收到您的要求后10天内,向您发送收货确认信及参考号码. Any request that you submit to us is subject to an identification process to verify your identity or authority to make the request.

Time period:

博亿堂手机客户端将努力在收到后45天内回应可验证的消费者请求. If we require more time, we will inform you.

Designating an authorized agent:

要行使这些隐私权,您也可以指定另一个人代表您行事. In this case, we will need this person to provide us with a legally-enforceable written authorization (such as a power of attorney).


We will typically not charge a fee to fully respond to your requests. However, if we determine that the request warrants a fee according to the CCPA, 博亿堂手机客户端会告诉你为什么,并在完成你的请求之前给你一个成本估算.

To obtain this information in an alternative format:


Special Information for Persons in the European Economic Area

以下规定适用于欧洲经济区(“EEA”)内的人员. 以下规定与上述一般规定有不同之处, the following provisions prevail.

如果博亿堂手机客户端将您的个人信息转移给第三方,而该转移, or an act or omission by the third party, 导致违反本隐私声明或适用的EEA法律, we are liable for the transfer and/or the act or omission, even if it was the third party that committed the act or omission.

博亿堂手机客户端将个人信息转移给第三方作为代理, (i) we transfer such data only for limited and specified purposes; (ii) we require (usually by contract) at least a level of privacy protection consistent with this Privacy Statement; (iii) we take reasonable and appropriate steps to ensure that the agent effectively processes the personal information transferred in a manner consistent with our obligations under this Privacy Statement; and (iv) we take reasonable and appropriate steps to stop and remediate unauthorized processing.

您有权选择(退出)您的个人信息是否(i)将披露给第三方,或(ii)将用于与您最初收集或随后授权的目的有重大不同的目的. 如果您希望使用以上任何一种选择,请使用以下信息与博亿堂手机客户端联系. 此选择/退出不适用于与作为博亿堂手机客户端代理的第三方共享您的个人信息(如提供帮助博亿堂手机客户端运营业务的服务的服务提供商). 在这种情况下,博亿堂手机客户端不会向第三方提供您的个人信息,除非博亿堂手机客户端与该第三方签订了要求该第三方遵守本隐私声明的义务的合同.

博亿堂手机客户端不会有意或有意地收集或保存显示种族或民族出身的信息, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership, 用于唯一识别自然人的基因或生物特征数据, data concerning health, or data concerning a natural person’s sex life or sexual orientation. Please don’t provide such information to us. If you think that we have collected, or that you have provided, such information to us, please contact us immediately so that we can delete it.

Exception: Deque’s goods, services, and software are focused on, among other things, 视障人士或其他残疾人士可访问本网站或其他资源. If providing goods, services, 要求Deque了解您的情况的性质,或以其他方式收集或使用包含EEA或成员国法律认为的健康信息或其他敏感个人数据的信息, Deque will collect, store, use, and share that information, but only to the extent necessary to (a) provide goods, services, 或向您提供软件或提供符合您需求的信息,或(b)从事测试, support, or other activities to which you have agreed.

博亿堂手机客户端处理博亿堂手机客户端开展业务所需要的个人信息. We only process personal information in a way that is compatible with the purposes for which we collected it or subsequently authorized by the data subject.

博亿堂手机客户端采取合理步骤确保个人信息在预期用途上是可靠的, accurate, complete, and current.


Except as otherwise permitted by law, we destroy or anonymize personal information after it no longer serves a purpose of processing as contemplated above.

We give data subjects access to such personal information as we have that pertains to them and will help to correct, amend, or delete that information where it is inaccurate, 或在处理过程中违反了本隐私声明或适用法律. If you wish to contact us to access your information, you can do so using the contact information below. 如果提供访问的负担或费用与本案中对您隐私的风险不成比例,博亿堂手机客户端保留限制此类访问和相关活动的权利, or where the rights of persons other than you would be violated.

博亿堂手机客户端将根据公共机关的合法要求公开个人信息。, including to meet national security or law enforcement requirements.

How does one contact Deque?

如果您(a)认为Deque不遵守本隐私政策,或您对该政策有疑问, (b) wish to begin or end receipt of newsletters, digital notifications or promotional information, (c) wish to update your user information, (d) wish to opt in or out of any other service offered through Deque, or (e) have any other communication regarding Deque’s privacy practices or the subject matter of this Privacy Statement; please contact Deque using the following information.

Privacy Office Deque Systems, Inc.
381 Elden Street Ste 2000
Herndon, VA 20171